HATCHIMALS Pixies Wilder Wings

HATCHIMALS Pixies Wilder Wings

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Hatchimals: Pixies Wilder Wings – Mystery Doll (Assorted Designs)

Discover the wildest Hatchimals Pixies with the most beautiful wings! A glitter storm swirled through Hatchtopia, and now the Pixies and Hatchimals have Wilder Wings! These super stylish Pixies each have their own unique stunning fabric wings with bold patterns and a special new reveal! Every Wilder Wings Pixie has a different look, two themed accessories and comes in a new style of egg. The egg’s clear lid gives you a hint at which style of Pixie is inside – she comes wrapped inside her gorgeous wings! To start hatching, crack the heart on the front of the egg and remove the lid.

Once you lift the lid, the wings pop open, revealing your perfect Pixie! Will you find disco-inspired Groovy Ginny? Boho Petal Pamela? Glamorous Posh Petra? Plus, there’s a 1 in 10 chance you’ll reveal a bonus sparkly ring inside the egg for you to wear! Accessorize your Wilder Wings Pixie with her super cute accessories, like trendy sunglasses and a purse. Featuring fashionable outfits that match their large wings, glittery hairstyles and poseable heads, Wilder Wings Pixies are all so beautiful!

Display your Pixie inside her egg, or fold up her wings, replace the lid and reveal her again and again! You can even take her with you for on-the-go glam! On your checklist, you’ll also get a Hatchtopia Life code to use in the free app (compatible with iOS and Android devices). Add all six Wilder Wings Hatchimals Pixies (each sold separately) to your collection and go wild!


  • Wilder Wings Pixies have the most stunning, large fabric wings!
  • Every Pixie is different, featuring bold patterns and colors on her wings
  • The clear lid on the Pixies Wilder Wings egg hints at who’s inside!
  • Each Pixie comes hidden, wrapped in her wings.
  • Crack the heart, lift the lid and your Pixie’s wings pop open!
  • Each Wilder Wings Pixie includes 2 accessories and has her own style
  • With her trendy outfit, glittery hair and poseable head, she’s so fabulous!
  • There’s a 1 in 10 chance that you’ll find an exclusive sparkly pink heart ring
  • Slide it on and sparkle like your Pixie!

Suitable for ages 5 years and up