Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Ultimate Box

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Dragon Ball Super - Dragon Ball Card Game Ultimate Box

Unleash unspeakable damage to your opponent with this kick-ass Dragon Ball Ultimate Box from Bandai! The ideal way to beef up your deck and take on those Dragon Ball masters, this collection features 105 new cards all ready to ravage your worst battle enemies. Ideal for seasoned players or newbies, this collection is sure to have you on the hunt to victory! 


  • 130 cards total
  • 1x 5 different Leader Cards (Including 1 foil version)
  • 4x 25 different Battle Cards (including 1 foil version, and 3 non-foil versions)
  • 5x 5 different Token Cards
  • 1x Gold-stamped 9-pocket binder
  • 20x Refill pages